Business As A Calling

Michael Novak writing usually focuses on the interplay between the economics and the religion in life, his book business as a calling just breaks the way and manner in which people or the society view business; in the book he breaks the ground for understanding business as a normal vocation with its own requirement of spiritual interventions and call. Business as a calling simply means that a businessman discovering he or she is really good at something or that something is what he/she was made for. He explains that there are signs of a calling, one being that it’s what you want to do, second you got the talent for it, third is that you really enjoy doing it and the fourth sign is feeling your way toward it and maybe back into it.

Benefit of business as a calling to society

For the successful people in the business to them business is not a source of personal financial gain but to them is a way of giving back to the society and community. That is by providing jobs that are rewarding and meaningful, providing good value products that enhance lives of the people and strengthening local communities. For any individual or organization that sees business as a calling understands that the market forces favor them regardless of their motives or targets. For those business persons who understand that most of them have benefited their societies in different forms rather than their counterparts who think of just making their wallets bigger and bigger. These businesspeople have act generously on most occasions by using personal wealth to enrich other, donations to locals and international nonprofit groups, given generously to churches, endowed scholarships and have spent considerable time freely in community services.

Effects of realizing business as a calling

Realizing the four signs of calling will have an effect on the business since it emphasizes on the sustainability and brings on the awareness of the limited resources of the business. By providing excellent services to communities around your business indicates a bigger sense of responsibility so as to contribute to the world’s betterment. Another effect is that the spiritual calling in business recognizes being creative is not for the few chosen ones but for the all business hence it provides the resources to assist people to uncover their creativity potential in the business. It also helps to develop principles that greatly improve the business.