7 Tips To Help You Write A Cause And Effect Essay On The Climate Change

Cause and effect essays are those essays, which are writer using a cause or an effect or both combined. A cause is a reason to some incident happened and an effect is the result of that incident. Most of them may not be familiar with this kind of writings. This kind of writing aims in dissecting an event, theory, or historical fact with its causes and after effects.


Many of the writers consider this type of essay as a complicated one because it is entirely different from other types. While writing this type of writings, the author will have to consider several other sections rather than just the main topic, body and conclusion. Here, you will have to look things like chronology of the given event, your audience, root cause and future effects too.

Climate Change

Climate change issues are one of the most discussed topics today. It poses clear, catastrophic threats. Climate change generally refers to changes in measurements of temperature, precipitation and wind. There are plenty of reasons for these changes and its after effects may lead to dangerous hazards.

Tips to write an essay on climate change

Cause and effect essays are the best way to write about changes in climate. The author can include both causes of these changes as well as the results. Here are a few tips which may guide you to write a good writing.

  1. Free-writing should be your first step. Just write down about the causes and effects of climatic changes.
  2. Now separate the instant causes and remote causes. Repeat this same step for effects as well.
  3. Collect the support details required for the document.
  4. Make a rough outline of the essay and make a decision on what all points you are including.
  5. It is better to start the passage with an incident or an example. This will make the writing more interesting.
  6. Never write, your writing in a narrative style as it will point out the weakness of the writer.
  7. Establishing the connection between the causes and effects is very crucial in this type essay. Provide with arguments and evidences to convince the reader. You should write according to the taste of your target audience.

After finishing the writing, always check for grammatical and spelling errors. The writings should be clean and non-plagiarised. It is always good to ask for an expertise advice before the submission.