Teen Pregnancy And Birth Control

Currently, teen pregnancies are on the rise. There is, therefore, a continuing debate on whether or not they should be allowed to use contraceptives or not. Notably, some parents are uncomfortable with having their children purchase birth control. At the same time, they do not like talking openly about sex matters. As a matter of fact, however, teens need to have this conversation with someone. Some may have it with the parents while others have it with guardian or teachers. Sometimes, nurses may be invited to schools to talk to the children.

Importance of Birth Control

Pediatricians are the best people to prescribe birth control methods to teens. Over the counter purchase may not be advisable. It is still not a very good idea as the drug sellers are usually after money. Birth control is essential for prevention of teenage pregnancies. The pediatrician can provide a variety of methods with condoms being the best. Apart from preventing unwanted or undesired pregnancies, the birth control method is vital for keeping away sexually transmitted infections as well as diseases. This is very essential in promoting the health of the teens and the youths as well as preventing the rise in disease burdens. The Birth control methods help to deal with several issues that are linked to teenage pregnancies. They play a role in ensuring that teens complete schools without having to deal with motherhood at early stages of their life. It also prepares them for life after a school as they learn how essential it is to prepare for parenthood as well as control births.

Reducing Teen Pregnancies

It is vital to teach teens of the several options there are in birth control, their advantages and disadvantages. This is essential in ensuring responsible sexual behavior which in turns reduces teen pregnancies. Teen education is also a vital part that ensures that the teens that are sexually active are careful, responsible and aware of the risks. A study indicates that teens that do not use birth control methods are at higher risks of teen pregnancies compared to those who use birth control methods. It is a role of the teachers, the parents as well as guardians to openly talk openly about sex issues and risks teens they are exposed to. This is because several teens are unable to practice abstinence. While this is the case, teens’ sex education can reverse the current rise in teenage pregnancies and school dropouts.