Django Unchained

The film is set in old German fashion. Django is captured as a slave. While in slavery, he falls in love with a beautiful girl by the name Broomhilda. When their master discovers this, he tells his brothers by the name the Brittle brothers to go and sell the two slaves. He gives them clear instructions to sell them to separate buyers. He is also mean and offensive when he tells them t sell Django to the lowest bidder. The Brittle brothers torture the two lovebirds before selling them off. Djando is sold to King. King is on a revenge mission against the Brittle brothers, but he needs help for he cannot recognize the brothers as they have changed and operated with alias names. After buying Django, Kings tells him of his plan. Django is promised freedom if he helps King to get the three brothers. They embark on a mission where they will pause as buyers of slaves. Django will then go and point out the three brothers after recognizing them.

Killing of the Brittle Brothers

They get to the castle and Django poses as a free agent sent by King. He is given permission to tour around, but his mission is to locate where the three brothers are hiding. On his rounds, Django finds the brothers harassing a female slave as they had harassed them before selling them off. He is so angry and beats up the three brothers. He shoots two brothers dead using a pistol. King hears the shots and comes to check what is going on. He finds two brothers dead on the ground. Django then confirms that the one escaping on the horse is the third brother. King shoots him using his sniper rifle. The two then head back home and Kings gives Dkango his freedom as they had agreed. He also lets him have his horse and a reward of seventy-five dollars.

Search For Broomhilda

During the time that the two have spent together, King notes that Dgando is a natural man. He, therefore, promises to go looking for Broomlinda with him. They find the village in which she was sold to and goes to see her master. Dgando is willing to pay a good sum of money for her freedom. They reach there, but the master is tipped that the two know each other. He, however, sells her to them and prepares a counter plan to take her back. Django is however wiser than them and are ready for the attack.