How To Write The Best Problem Solution Essay In 5 Steps

In a problem solution essay you should raise a problem and explain how it can be solved. These types of papers are assigned rather often, and you should know how to approach the task effectively. Take the following steps and you will manage to create the best problem solution essay easily and quickly.

  1. Prepare a rough outline.
  2. An outline will help you organize your thoughts and define the area of research. Formulate your research problem. As a rule, it will be worded in correspondence with the assignment details. Brainstorm and write down all solution ideas that come to your head. Choose the three strongest ones and put them in a logical order. Start with the weakest idea. The most convincing suggestion should be left for the end. However, you may offer only one solution. In such a case, you should think of the arguments that prove why it is the best.

  3. Conduct research.
  4. Research your problem in credible sources. Useful materials can be found in libraries and on the Internet. It may also be helpful to check with your teacher. He or she will not only advise on where to seek for the needed information, but also approve credibility of the reference sources.

  5. Improve your outline.
  6. Add arguments to your suggestions. These may be statistical materials, quotes, or examples. Take notes of the reference materials that will be used to support each bullet point of your outline.

  7. Write your essay.
  8. Follow your outline step-by-step.

    • In an introductory paragraph, represent a problem and its scope.
    • Start your essay with a personal story, facts, statistics, or just detailed description of the problem itself. Explain why it should be solved.

    • In the body paragraphs, describe what you suggest to do to improve the situation.
    • Add quotations that prove your ideas and cite the sources. To make your paper stronger, in a final body paragraph address the arguments that oppose your solution.

    • In a conclusion, summarize the essence of your paper.
    • Reword your thesis on why your solution is the most reasonable, or share your feelings as to which solution is the best. Convince your reader to take some actions, or leave some food for thought.

  9. Edit your paper.
  10. Look through the first draft of your essay. Check if you provided enough information in each body paragraph. Look for the grammar, spelling, and punctuation mistakes. Make corrections. Ask someone else to read your paper and listen to the comments. Make sure that your essay is formatted according to the assignment requirements.