Where To Find 2-Page Persuasive Essay Examples For Free: Good Recommendations

Words are indeed very powerful in oral and written communication. They are considered the basic building blocks to create or write almost all types of articles including essays. The idea of convincing people what you truly believe will require you to present a lot of proof or evidence in order to reach a satisfactory level of credibility. A credible article is beyond question because all the necessary arguments and evidence are laid down on the table, ready for evaluation, scrutiny and questioning. Once all issues and concerns are properly addressed, the debate is over, and everyone can rest their case. This article will somehow help writers to look for concrete examples pertaining to what other people believe as true.

  1. Ask for brilliant ideas from reliable resource persons. A priest, a politician, a teacher or a lawyer could suggest something to write based on what they believe and what questions in mind they still have to answer. Getting them to share with you their ideas would likely encourage and challenge you to research on what they are talking about.
  2. Extract verse/verses from the Bible which tackles moral and spiritual issues. The Bible is already a standard, but it is not bad at all to ask questions and write about things that are not clear to you especially on sensitive issues concerning the family and the society.
  3. Explore and learn from philosophy books and their authors. Almost every idea or opinion is based on the personal experience of the author or the writer himself. It may not totally impress you but doing extensive research on every principle allows you to look for loopholes and make them as the basis for your guide questions.
  4. Do magic with logic. What you believe may not totally be accepted by other people immediately because it’s normal to react to things you have not yet known or experienced. Let your correct thinking and reasoning be a tool in shedding light to challenging questions or inquiries.
  5. Scan and read psychology books. There are instances that an author would throw questions along with his article in order to catch attention or offer an intriguing issue or concern about the human mind. Let this opportunity help you write a good persuasive essay and prove what you believe to your avid readers.
  6. Use local, national and international news items in writing an essay. If same-sex marriage is allowed in some parts of Europe then why is it prohibited in the Philippines?

This will help you compare and contrast different social and cultural issues everywhere and answer them based on substantial evidence.

There might be other resources and supplementary articles not mentioned in this article, but you should always remember that there are no monopoly games in writing formal essays. Almost every topic is found everywhere. Use your freedom of expression to say what you believe and ask for further questions if necessary.