How Do I Go About An Essay On The Culture Of Iran?

Writing essays on culture and society can be a big challenge for students, since “culture” can mean a wide range of things from architecture to poetry and from sculpture to fashion. That is why going about an essay on a subject so vague like “The Culture of Iran” may seem an insurmountable task. Fortunately, you can accomplish it quickly and easily using the hints listed below.

How Do I Start?

Do some research and give some general information about the country. Imagine that you are giving lecture to an audience who know nothing about Iran, and you are there to educate them. Explain where the country is located, how many languages the population speaks and what the country is mostly famous for. You can also give some myths or false stereotypes about Iran and dethrone them.

How Do I Continue?

After you’ve given some basic information, it’s high time for the most important part of your essay – for the culture of Iran itself. Imagine that your task is to ignite your readers’ interest and tell them the most interesting tale ever. Explain that the culture of Iran is one of the richest cultures in the world and one of the oldest ones in the Middle East. Then, start talking about architecture, art and society. Here are the most important things you can dwell on:

How Do I End?

When ending your essay on the culture of Iran, you can give your personal opinion on the subject. Write what impresses you the most and what is the most interesting part of Iranian culture for foreigners (in your opinion). Imagine that you’re giving a guided tour for tourists in Iran and think what you’d tell them first thing and what aspects you’d probably skip. Think what you’d change in Iranian culture (for example, in contemporary art) if you could or what Iranian culture would look like if certain events were erased from the country’s history. At last, write about the interesting parts of Iranian culture that you think are underestimated or forgotten.