How To Create An Introduction For A Compare And Contrast Essay

While you are in school, you will be writing a number of essays with different formats. They may be narrative, rhetorical, expository or opinion in nature. Often you may be given a compare and contrast piece on any given subject. You may be presented with two themes and are asked to compare or contrast between the two. Often writing upon these themes gets difficult, because you either have knowledge on any one theme or a faint knowledge of the both. These can be harmful to the entire discourse because you will then not be able to write a completely correct essay.

Often students face a problem while introducing the compare and contrast topic. They can’t decide how to begin the introduction. In order to get rid of that dilemma, we are going to discuss how you will introduce if you to write such a paper.

Tips to create an introduction:

These are the ways by which you can easily introduce a compare and contrast discourse. If you still have a problem, discuss with your teacher and show him/her a couple of draft introductions, or better yet, you can search a sample topic online and see how the introductions have been written.