The Role Of Women In War

The role of women has changed throughout history, during different periods different behavior was expected of females in different positions. It is only in recent times was the idea that certain roles must be carried out by women, has changed. In this day and age, women can, for the most part, occupy any position that a man can, provided she is qualified to do so. In war, it is no different, there are females operating heavy machinery, manning the front lines and serving as mission controllers. However, when looking at war in its entirety, it can be said that certain position can only be filled by women.

A woman’s power

For most wars, a large amount of infantry is often required and to meet this need, these individuals need to be born. In countries that are heavily focused on military activity, the government actually enforces measures of controlling the birth rate of its population by creating strict laws deciding how many children they must have. This may seem far from connecting ladies to wars in any way but consider that without people to carry out military objectives, there can be no war.

A woman’s right

In many countries, groups of females have worked together for the right to hold the same positions that men can, in the workplace and in the home. As a result, more and more women are joining the military and assuming important roles, previously held primarily by men. For example, there are many female tank operators and fighter pilots. In most countries, it is no longer possible, or even legal, to state that certain tasks are only for females or not for females.

A woman’s voice

Throughout history, many laws and decisions have been made by males and many of these decisions have proven to give little consideration to the opinion of females. Having ladies take part, or even be required to participate, in wars can make for better, more informed decision making by governments and leaders since they will now be able to consider how their decisions affect both genders. This I consider to be one of the most important roles played by women in war.

We are too intelligent as a species to let gender decide what we can and cannot do. Had we not been able to exceed our potential and rise above the challenges of nature, we would not have survived as a species to now dominate the earth.