The Night Journey

“The Night Journey” refers to the glorious journey made by the Prophet Muhammad (PBUHM) to the sacred mosque of Bait-ul-Muqqadas (Jerusalem) and then to the heaven in one night. This journey is of great importance in Islam. It was a miracle, blessed to the Prophet (PBUHM) by the Almighty Allah. In those days, weeks’ time was required to reach to Jerusalem by a person, having reasonable carriage.

In this night, Prophet (PBUHM) was taken from Makah to Jerusalem and then after leading all the prophets and messengers in a prayer, left for the destiny of the skies to meet with the creator of the world. All this travelling was made on Buraq (a carrier, who travels with the speed of light) which was another blessing to the Prophet for his travel towards the Almighty. The Prophet (PBUHM) then met with different prophets in heavens and asked about their sacred mission.

The Prophet (PBUHM) not only visited Jerusalem, but He also visited such places where even the Gabriel was not able to reach. He said this Himself that “Gabriel stopped at Sidrat-ul-Muntaha and said that if he goes any further, his feathers will start burning due to the light (noor) of the Almighty Allah. Prophet (PBUHM) was asked by the Almighty Allah to go further and he reached near to Him and talked to Allah”. From this place and this discussion, obligations for Muslims were defined like time and frequency of prayers and some others. Other important matters discussed regarding the universe were named by the prophet as secrets of Allah and himself.

This event was happened after ten years of the revelation of the Holy Quran on Prophet. Most people of the Makah were alleging the Prophet (PBUHM) for lying about the night journey, as it was not possible for a normal human being to reach even to Jerusalem in one night and then come back in the same night to Makah. Abu-Bakr (the first caliph) was the first person who said “what the Prophet says, is completely correct and Muhammad (PBUHM) never lies”. Due to this, Abu-Bakr (the first caliph) was named as Saadiq, which means (a person who always say the truth).

Although, at that time it was considered a bizarre by the non-Muslims, however it was very firmly believed by the Muslims. Later, in 19th century, it became evident from the Einstein’s theory of relativity that narrates “if an object moves with the speed of light, time dilates on it up to infinity”. There are some controversies among Muslims about the night journey of the Prophet (PBUHM). Some claimed that Prophet (PBUHM) visits to Jerusalem and to heavens were two different occasions. However, this event has a great significance for the believers of Islam and they have firm believe on it.