Writing An Essay Thesis Statement: Finding The Best Examples

The introduction to any piece of academic writing must be approached carefully. If it is not completed with enough skill, you may give the reader the impression that you do not know what you are doing. On the bright side, there is much that you can do to prevent this from happening. Looking at examples of well written statements is one of the best steps you can take. Here are a few good sources you should consider:

Check the writing text book

If you are doing any courses that focus on the creation of academic content, the related texts should have samples of the types of essays you are expected to produce. If even these samples are short you should be able to get the entire introductory paragraph.

Ask your fellow students

This is one of the methods that only works if you are especially likable. If you have been rotten to the majority of your classmates, it is much less likely that any of them will feel sorry for you and offer their help. If they do feel like helping you, they may show you samples they created themselves or they may show you what they have found after their own searches.

Request one from your educator

The person who will be correcting your work has most likely corrected other similar assignments in the past. You can respectfully ask to see some of the better ones. This is especially useful if you have no other way to discover what the teacher or professor values most.

Do a general web search

By just putting a few words into the search engine of your choice you can wind up with several samples. Quality will vary however.

Check an academic content creation site

If you want to be more certain of the quality so that you need to spend less time discarding unusable samples, check out an academic content provider. These companies are focused on providing high quality writing to students and others who have need of it so they should be good enough to refer to. As an added bonus they tend to have free sections just to display the caliber of work you can expect. If this is not enough have some custom created for you.

As you mature as a writer you will find that your need for samples decreases but you can always benefit from looking at how someone else approaches their work.