Creating A Literary Essay About Fly Away Home: 10 Great Ideas

Carroll Ballard’s fantasy movie Fly Away Home is a true tribute to the sentience of grit in mankind. It dawns on a little girl Amy who transforms into a mother for the unfortunate geese. The movie not only won rave reviews; it has been interpreted in numerous ways.

Here are 10 ideas on how to write a literary essay on Fly Away Home –

  1. You can take it as a mutual feeling of compassion for living beings that have lost her mother. This way, the write-up will naturally engender love and heart.
  2. You can take a clear turn ushered by the grit that Amy and her father show in teaching the Canadian geese. This is taking the ‘Mind wins’ line.
  3. You can venture into the natural antagonism that a person who tries different tings engenders. The man who discovered fire was burnt on a stake.
  4. You can take the route of how a focused entity gradually wins admirers and becomes a sole authority on a subject. This will allow you to derive several analogies.
  5. You can delve into how even animals understand who is taking their care and return to the roots whenever they are capable to.
  6. You can lineate the fantasy element of the story and how it is so impractical to actually teach the birds to fly.
  7. You can take the essay towards how a less-trodden path makes you encounter severe tribulations and difficulties.
  8. You can suggest the overall positive inflection of the movie; starting from a calamity and ending in rapture.
  9. You can denote Igor (one with the limp) as messianic; explaining how the mentality may be covered by a limp if there is no will to succeed.
  10. You can show how the developers actually try and restrict development and how a bigger cause can turn into a losing cause.

Writing the literary essay

The first thing you will have to remember is to stay impartial towards the subject. Even if you strongly feel about Amy and her father; your essay should not show any such signs. You should also try and synthesize different perspectives of those who have seen the movie and taken different extractions from the same.

Short but swift

Make sure that your essay is not unduly long but covers the mainframe all the same. Much depends on your artistic integrity as a writer since it is a fantasy film you are dissecting and projecting in your essay.