International Traffic Of Women And Girls In South America

Human trafficking is a scary thing to consider. The idea that you, no matter who you may be, could be walking down the sidewalk one day to be suddenly snatched up and thrown into the back of a vehicle. Wake up in a distant country where you don’t speak the language, no one knows you and you are forced into prostitution or other harsh activities. This can be quite gruesome and its really sad to imagine that it actually happens to women around the world on a yearly basis. This is a reality for many helpless women, I pray for the day when we no loner have to live with this fear gnawing at us on a daily basis.

South America

This is a vast expanse of land, mostly south of the equator and consist of many different countries, of varied languages and peoples. There are many militia groups and drugs cartels controlling much of the land, with governments often having a hard time control rebel activities. Much lawlessness exist in the deep, dense forest of these countries and many armed groups inhabit the forests, often engaging in open warfare with the state. Because of the lawlessness that can exist in many of these areas, it is not uncommon for people to go missing, which makes it very easy to snatch girls off the streets and even out of the homes. Aside from this, many law officials are rumored to be corrupt or accepting of bribes, while judges are usually afraid to convict perpetrators of human trafficking for fear of losing their lives.

The world

In recent years, many countries have taken measures and created laws to combat the occurrence of human trafficking. Latin America has been slow in upgrading their law systems to meet the international standards but even after they have, the rate of conviction for this crime is still very low. This means that perpetrators are still on the streets, free to sell more humans and young people are still unsafe. Another issue to consider is that there must be a demand for this contraband in the rest of the world outside of South America. If the problem cannot be stopped at the source, maybe external countries should try to stop it at its destination.

Human trafficking is a cruel and disgusting act and should be stamped out from our society at all costs. No person should be allowed to place a value on the life of another for their personal gain.