Drug Wars

Many people may not believe it when they read or hear that most of the restricted drugs were in use more than a hundred years ago. They have been used even for medicinal purposes until when they came to be banned in the recent years. The truth is that the most of the bans of most of the drugs are not exclusive. They are only a target and associated with particular groups of people. In fact, in the 1970’s when there was heated debate on the ban of Marijuana in the United States, it only targeted the Blacks and the Latinos. Some of the reasons that were given for the need to burn Marijuana were personal and targeting specific communities. When Marijuana was legal, most of the White girls that smoked spent a lot of time hanging with the Blacks because that was the only way to have access to Marijuana source. The white were threatened and pushed for the ban of Marijuana. Even after the ban, Whites that were caught smoking marijuana were not punished.

The Generation Gap

Another reason that led to the ban and so much spread of the drug wars was the change in the generation gap. In 1960, there was more youth in the United States that any other time before hand. This led to a political descent and high youth rebellion. Nixon’s government halted the ongoing research on drugs and the medical safety. He mobilized a bigger part of the government on drug bans by increasing the drug control agencies and their sizes. The parliament passed a bill for mandatory sentencing for any state offenders caught doing drugs. Marijuana was placed on top of the temporary list of drugs that were under the government spotlight. In the early 1960s, many states were decriminalizing the use and possession of marijuana for personal use. It was not long before the proposals to decriminalize marijuana were abandoned after an outrageous cry by parents on marijuana use.

Impact of the Drug Wars

Research shows that drug wars have not helped much in the fight against some drugs. This has only made the condition worse by the introduction of drug cartels. These are adamant and influential groups that supply drugs that are not legal. They sell the drugs at very high prices. This has led to significant increase in crime rates as the youths that cannot afford turn to crime to find money to buy drugs. Drug wars should not be based on some vague reasons that.