Stereotypes In The Media

The media is increasingly impacting on the lives of many people. However, it has not changed people mind in what the people believed and the formerly held conventional notion. In fact, it has only made stronger these assumptions and continued to create more complex generalizations and stereotypes. It is, therefore, difficult for to liberate individual groups from particular propaganda or stereotypes. It is not easy especially with the rise of many media platforms that support regional and cultural lines. It has existed since long ago, and people have been used to it. In fact, many people will use it to derive humor from giving descriptions of other people and their culture, religion or language. Stereotyping has therefore been promoted in a major way by the media. Today it is an important selling strategy used by most of the comic programs being aired on radio stations and television shows. It is a form of entertainment to stereotype people and makes fun of them. It is, therefore, hard to stop stereotyping and especially by the media.

Effect on the Culture

Stereotyping will be used, and mainly people will concentrate on the negative side. This leads to the creation of negative propaganda about a certain group of people, race, color or religion. There is also a lot of stereotyping propaganda about certain career lines. This creates a great force that influences a lot of people. More often, people want to listen to propaganda and base their decisions on it. Unfortunately, rarely will positive propaganda and stereotyping hold any water when arguing or discussing an issue. This is because people and more so the media will focus on the negative propaganda. Therefore, negative propaganda will continue to cause behavioral change, beliefs and attitudes.

Media impact

The media influences a lot in the lives of the people. Research has showed that different personalities in the media modify the judgment of people and especially the youths. Many people make judgment basing on the information that they receive from the media. Most of this information are based on propaganda about groups of people. However, the media is known for misrepresenting information about particular groups. The media wants things to appear in a way that they attract attention and people. The media is propaganda by itself. Many people believe the information they receive from the media. The media uses a lot of propaganda so as to promote the popularity with the people. The media will, therefore, continue to stereotype people and create propaganda.