Best Persuasive Essay Topics For Middle School: Top 30 Suggestions

If you are looking for a great persuasive essay topic that is on a middle school level, look no further. We have put together a list of 30 interesting and thought provoking topics that will be a hit with students and teachers alike.

  1. Facebook – It is killing real social interaction and people’s ability to communicate on deeper levels.
  2. Instagram – It encourages unhealthy amounts of narcissism in teens and adults.
  3. Snap chat – It shows how communication through technology is changing and how people prefer something quicker and less invasive.
  4. Twitter – It is the best new tool for seeking awareness and spreading the word to many people quickly.
  5. Vine – It has reinvented and created a new form of sound bite style comedy.
  6. Social Media – The world is now more addicted than ever to approval and “likes”.
  7. Smart Phones – They are a communications technology that actually kills relationships and quality time.
  8. College Sports – Student athletes should not get paid because their job is to be a student at the university first and an athlete second.
  9. Football – Safety needs to be more of a concern due to serious injuries and issues in later life.
  10. Basketball – The NBA should not go into the European market because it will cost too much, and the sport will not stand a chance against Soccer.
  11. Calories – They do not matter.
  12. Fast Food – The demand for health food will all but take over the fast food market in the next few years.
  13. Supplements – The vast majority of “health” supplements are unnecessary and actually not healthy.
  14. Headphones – They are damaging people’s hearing.
  15. Bullying – It is not as damaging as people think.
  16. Obesity – Is not as much of a problem as the health agenda makes it out to be.
  17. Barbie – She is not appropriate for a child to play with.
  18. Toy Guns – Little kids should be allowed to play with toy guns.
  19. Finance Classes – They should be mandatory in grade school.
  20. Homework – It is actually hurting how kids learn.
  21. Reading – It should be a stricter requirement in schools.
  22. School Holidays – They should be shorter but more frequent.
  23. School Days – They should be shorter.
  24. Dress Code – Any color hair should be allowed at school.
  25. Dress Code – Tattoos should be allowed in school.
  26. Wikipedia – It is a useable source for research.
  27. Media – Should not report terrorism.
  28. Google – It is too invasive of people’s privacy.
  29. Grades – They do not measure intelligence.
  30. Handwriting – It is a lost art form.

When choosing a paper topic, it is important to be interested in the topic that you are writing about. Persuasive essays are much easier to write if you believe what you are saying so choose a topic and then tailor it to your liking so it will be a quality project.