How To Write An Essay Introduction That Will Grab Your Reader's Attention

As morning shows the day, a reader decides from the introduction of an essay whether to read or not. So the introduction has to catch the reader’s attention. Here are a few ways to write captivating introductions to essays:

How to introduce the topic:

  • The introduction briefly gives an idea about you paper. Keep it short yet give the information needed. Do not deviate from what the paper is going to say.
  • You can start your introduction with a literary quote or quote of a famous person. But it cannot be just any quote. It has to go with your thesis. It is better if the quote is of a fairly known person or from a known literary piece.
  • Another way of grabbing attention is placing thought- provoking question/s in your introduction. When there is a question posed in the introduction, that automatically makes the readers curious, and they tend to look for the answer in the composition. Voila! Purpose served!
  • Starting a proposal with anecdotes is also a great idea. It helps the readers in connecting with what the article says. For example, if a composition is talking about understanding mental illness, in your introduction, write the story of a person who suffered from a mental illness, who was looked down upon by others until her parents came to know about the illness, took her to a proper doctor and got the illness treated. This will inspire the readers and thus get their attention.
  • For certain topics, if there are reliable statistics available then use them in your introduction. For example, in case of a health-related essay, if within a certain period there has been a huge improvement in the health of people in a certain area, give the numbers in your introduction. Statistics intrigues the reader but remember that too many numbers can confuse the reader. Also, the statistics have to be well researched. Wrong statistics not only questions the credibility of a dissertation, but it also questions your credibility as a writer.
  • The introduction should give the essay’s topic in brief, but it should not give too much information or give away the whole story. It should make the reader curious about the dissertation. So you should get to know where to stop.

  • These are the simple steps to make your introduction catchy. So what are you waiting for? Go put these basic steps to using and become readers’ favourite!