Ideas For Academic Writing: Synthesis Essay Questions

Coming up with an appropriate synthesis essay question can be a bit difficult. Every student has no choice but to be well equipped with appropriate techniques on how to realize success such in this. This article however, simplifies your work as it contains a list of top writing prompts. Before we embark on them, consider the following ideas.

Utilizing your resource materials

Most of those who compose good questions usually carry out an exhaustive research. Based on the lecturer’s instructions, you can log into various online sites such as university websites and acquire a prior cognition. On the other hand, you can also visit the library and explore different books that talk about the given problem.

Ask for assistance

If you are really stuck and you are certain that you cannot make it happen, it is advisable that you should seek for assistance before it is too late. This can be achieved through getting clarification from friends, teachers and online discussion forum members.

Avoid mere paraphrasing or summary

If what you want to craft is not too lengthy, do not narrow down again and paraphrase it. It is advisable to write the entire sentence as it clearly brings out the meaning. A summery can lead to lose of the intended meaning and hence, labelling your work irrelevant.

Be specific

Let your composition be in line with what the lecturer wants. If you are unsure of this, ask him or her for clarification so that you do not do the wrong thing.


Come up with a question that is unique. This will capture the reader’s attention into your work and hence, you are more likely to get a high score. Avoid the most obvious phrases and clichés. You should practice on a daily basis if you want to remain on the top of the ladder.

Below are the best ten questions you can write about:

  1. Is death penalty an effective way of curbing with murder?
  2. Is our electoral committee fair?
  3. Do universities put overmuch stock on standardized test scores?
  4. Is torture an effective way of dealing with problems?
  5. Is our government democratic in its performance?
  6. How fair is our taxation system?
  7. Apart from women, should men also be given a paternity leave from work?
  8. Is it lucid to control any form of cheating?
  9. Are parents unaware of how effective the internet can spoil their children?
  10. Should live animals be used for research or should they be exempted?