What Is Patriotism?

Patriotism can be defined as ones love for their nation. It is a very natural notion as human beings develop some kind of connection with the place they live in. In addition, human beings also develop an inclination to continue with the kind of people they are surrounded by. These feelings join together to give rise to the feeling of patriotism.

What does patriotism require?

The feeling of patriotism requires a person to act in a certain way. In the extreme, it may require them to sacrifice something they greatly love for the nation. To begin with, patriotism requires them to be law abiding citizens of the state. It requires the citizens not to indulge in things that would harm others and to contribute to the things that positively affect the nation as a whole.

Qualities brought by patriotism

Patriotism creates a few qualities in an individual that makes him a meaningful and important citizen of the nation. First of all, the feeling of patriotism removes selfishness and instills in him selfless behavior. It also leads to the improvement of moral and social values and allows them to care for others working for the common good. Patriotism also makes an individual noble and established them as a model for others. Since patriots work for the nation, their intention is always pure and this purity helps them transform their entire nation into a welfare state. This state then works for the betterment of the people living in it. It is the patriots who are considered to be the true wealth of a nation.

Miracles of patriotism

Patriotism converts ordinary people into builders of the future. It turns them into workers who are determined and never lose hope. In the history of mankind, we have seen many examples in which the circumstances were not very encouraging and those who love their nation, the patriots, would stand and deliver all their promises. The sole reason behind this is the fact that they rise above the base level of self-service and devote themselves to the benefit of their nation. It is all due to this selflessness, that patriots are able to produce miracles.

Patriotism is a precious gem in today’s world. As individualism continues to grow and people tend to focus more on their own problems, the virtue of patriotism brings the attention of people to the problems faced by their nations and those living in it.