Should Graffiti Be Considered Art

Graffiti continues to suffer a lot of resistance from the larger community. It has, however, gained some popularity and were believed to influence some huge crowd and population the in the past. Graffiti was seen and known to many as a form of vandalism or property destruction. This was because it was associated with delivering some information that was not understood by many people. This first notion has continued to cripple the graffiti culture and its acceptance by the community. However, we need to know that graffiti has its roots from very long ago. Paintings found in caves have given an insight of the past and the development that art has gone through. It is a form that shows the different cultures and the civilizations that we have gone through to get to this far. It is true that graffiti may not always communicate some message that is easy to understand. However, it has been used to say that some things and cultures existed. It is a strong way of shouting “we existed, or we were here” to anyone that cares to listen. Though it is a secretive art, it has worked well as exhibit.

Modernization of Graffiti

Graffiti has its origin in low income earning groups. They used graffiti as a means to get their message to the leaders and government institutions. Towards the end of the First World War, there was no enough space for graffiti. However, because of the different classes of people, various governments built large structures in the city centers. This was aimed at separating various types of people and economy. These structures, later on, came to be used for graffiti. Most of the times, the messages in the graffiti were more of insults to members of the other group. This led to the notion that graffiti is a bad form of art. This has lived on up to date, and that is why graffiti is still struggling for acceptance.

The Current Trend

Many people now have a different opinion about graffiti. In fact, many countries have found a way to make the best of graffiti. They have worked on a way to acquire rights from building owners that approve graffiti. They use these building for messages and advertisements. Controlled graffiti is then organized where the artist prints their work only after legal contract. Graffiti is now an important campaign and advertisement tool. The use of graffiti is still a controversial issue but is growing, and there is a change in perception.