What Are The Common Alternatives To The Five-Paragraph Essay Format?

The five-paragraph essay is what most students are quite conversant with. They have been negotiating them for long and have actually got the drift of the panache and method. Interestingly, there are alternatives available; creatures of tweaks if you will.

The four paragraph piece

The most common alternative is the four paragraph piece, where the dynamics change somewhat and the write-up becomes crisper and more compact. It is clear that the word limit will be somewhat abridged, but that should not compromise the quality of the piece or lessening of the points. In essence, it demarcates the weeding out of unnecessary elements.

The structure

The introduction and the conclusion will keep their space. The 2nd paragraph will affect the highs and lows while the third paragraph relates your perspective along with those of a few others. Your aim should always be to pen a systematic piece; one that present the facts and potential of the topical theme.

The four page piece

This is generally allotted to high school and college students. Here, you are of course required to gather as much information as possible and make objective enquiries into the premise. The structure will be similar to the four paragraph piece. You can expand the scope through credible examples and a few creative additions though.

The structure

You should take care to keep the conclusion compact and liberating though. The meat of the piece will be restricted to the 2nd and 3rd page. You have an additional responsibility of maintaining the assurance that there be no frills and frivolity. This is somewhat difficult to ensure with this piece, owing to the length of the piece.

The single flow type

There is another common alternative – the single flow type; where the paragraphs may seamless overlap each other or may not even exist. They may be replaced by bullets or other means of emphasis. This type of essay has its own definition. Here the middle portion may emphasize on an entirely different territory. In the end, however, everything matches up.

Style of thought

These are the common alternatives to the 5-paragraph essay. These are concomitant with the modern teaching approaches. You need different style of thought to plan and pen these pieces. Yes, the introduction and conclusion hold their places in the main. You also need to utilize the junctures in a lucid and compact manner. This is necessary to sustain reader’s interest.