Helpful Suggestions On How To Write A Comparative Essay On Two Poems

A comparative essay and in particular when you are handling two pomes is supposed to be a very simple paper to work on really, considering that it is basically about taking two poems, studying them and understanding what makes them alike or dissimilar. This is all you need to do about this particular paper. Anything else other than that will not be something you should be worried about. Many are the times when asked to write a comparative essay, students end up struggling because perhaps they are not in a good position to understand what to do. It gets even worse when it is about poems.

To make your work easier we will discuss herein some simple ideas that you can use to compare two poems, and in the process show you how to be sure to bag maximum points for this paper.

The theme

If there is one thing that you will need to note about poems is that they always have a theme. There is always a theme about a poem, something that stands out when you are reading through it, or something that the composer was trying to portray.

This should be the first thing that you try to compare of the two. You can have a satirical poem and a comical poem, a dark themed poem and one that seems to highlight a sense of new beginnings and so forth.

The development of the plot

The development of the plot pretty much works closely with the theme. Therefore once you have discussed the theme of the poems, this should be a very easy point for you to go about. Look at how the poems flow from the first sentence to the last and make sure that you analyze them and see how the plot thickens. Discuss the characters alongside the plot.

Character development

A good poem is one that develops not just through the plot and the theme, but ties the characters into the poem too. Since every poem must have a character, you can also take this into consideration and discuss the same with comparison between the two poems.

While looking at their characters, make sure that you can emphasize how their roles in the poem help to develop the general theme, and how important they are to making sure that the plot of the poem becomes complete.