Writing A Good Persuasive Essay: Things You Should Know

A very popular topic that students will encounter when they are going through their education career is they will be tasked with writing a persuasive essay. This type of writing will be one that many will struggle with at first, but there are three things that every successful persuasive writer knows and keeps in mind while writing and those are first, know your audience, second, verify your facts and third, three points are needed to make a solid argument.

Keep your audience in mind

First and foremost when you are writing a persuasive essay you must understand your audience and who will be reading your work. In most cases the instructor is the only one who ever sees it but some instructors will require you to also specify whom you are writing for to ensure you capture this important aspect of persuasive writing.

For example, if you are trying to convince an atheist that god exists you will use different information that if you were writing for an avid church-goer.

Fact check your information

You cannot persuade someone to your side in an argument if you have the wrong information. When you are doing this type of writing it is important to check your facts and look at sources with a critical eye. Some people will publish propaganda that is inaccurate or has exaggerated the truth. Look at this information with a critical thought process and challenge things that do not sound completely truthful.

Three points make a good argument

It takes at least three legs to have a stool that you can sit on easily that stays upright, four or more legs are better and build a more solid base. This same concept applies when you are making a persuasive argument. You will want to have a minimum of three, but you can have more, points to help convince the reader of your case. When you have three or more points they may not all be equally as strong and if one of those weak points does not convince the reader of your argument you still have at least two to fall back on.

Writing a persuasive essay is easy if you keep these three ideas in mind, know who you are trying to persuade, keep you information correct and have a three pronged argument to convince your reader of your case.