20 Controversial Essay Topics About Religion And Its Influence On People

Albert Einstein once said that “If people are only good because of fear of punishment, then we are a sorry lot indeed.” He was indirectly referring to the influence of religion and how many religious people only try to be good to avoid God’s punishment. In more recent times, we have seen religious battles, or what many call “holy wars” especially in Israel and even in Nigeria. All these point out that sometimes religion is also bad. If you’re writing an essay on the influence of religion on mankind, with particular interest in controversial topics, here are 10 ideas to consider.

  1. Religion fills people with fear - we have already mentioned that sometimes people only do good things because they fear punishment.
  2. Religion has turned people against themselves – we have also provided two examples of the “holy war” in Israel.
  3. Religion sometimes turns people against themselves – when people do what they think is sin, they may start to hate themselves.
  4. Religion sometimes makes people ignorant – because religious people think all they need is to obey God’s commandments, they may not bother to learn and better the world.
  5. Religion promotes tribalism – Or, does it? We all know that religion divides insiders from outsiders. But, is this good?
  6. Religion anchors believers to the Iron Age – when you read religious books, all you hear is powerful kings, rampant superstition, racism, violence and so on. Could this have a negative impact on society?
  7. Religion makes a virtue out of faith – you’re commanded to “trust and obey” meaning that there might be little you can do even if things aren’t going right.
  8. Religion diverts good intentions – with religion, if you feel bad about Haiti, you’ll be asked to make a donation to your local church!
  9. Religion teaches helplessness – it’s a case of God is the almighty; leave all unto Him.
  10. Religion seeks power – religions, just like governments, are man-made institutions, right? So, they are just seeking power, right?
  11. And, here are 10 additional topics to consider;

  12. Religion promotes slavery
  13. Religion and status of women
  14. Universal suffrage; religion and whether women should vote.
  15. Religion and same sex marriages
  16. How religions have changed their teachings
  17. Religion doesn’t talk about transgender persons; So?
  18. Teachings of religion on polygamy
  19. Religion and alternative medicine
  20. What does religion say about condoms?
  21. Sexual abuse on children by the clergy.

This resource can help you out to get more topic ideas.