The Most Common Middle School Essay Questions

Essay topics are meant to enhance and increase a student’s knowledge on different aspects of their field of study. One great advantage is that there are many topics and questions to be tackled. Some are as a result of what you have gone through during your period of study while others are from your research. However, there are some that are common to every student irrespective of the institutions and the field of study.

What you need to know

It is very important and essential to choose a subject that is specific and one that you can easily meet the deadline. Moreover, in as much as you want to work on any area of interest, it is good to focus one that is relevant to your field. In addition, find a gap in the field you want to tackle and then find out if there is enough information to back up the subject. This should be done before you start writing your dissertation. Also, know how to arrange and organize your work before the research and during writing process.

Top essay questions

  1. How can the policies that protect endangered species be improved?
  2. Should taxes be increased on junk foods?
  3. Is the required age for a voter justifiable, increase or lower it?
  4. Should students grade the performance of their teachers?
  5. Have people become so dependent on computers?
  6. Should athletes and actors be paid much more than they earn?
  7. Is it right when boys and girls are placed in separate learning areas?
  8. Is death penalty the best technique for curbing crime?
  9. Is fashion a prerequisite to a society and how does it help?
  10. Should the government spend so much money in the funding of space exploration?
  11. Majority of the top level jobs are occupied by the male gender, what should the government do about it
  12. Should cutting of trees continue for the sake of the high demands for more food substances?
  13. Importance of higher levels of education in relation to career and work development.
  14. What is capitalism and does it work?
  15. What impact did the American women votes have?
  16. How dressing code has changed over the years and the effects it has caused.
  17. Music industry; history and its effects to the society.
  18. What were the effects of the economic recession in relation to employment opportunities?
  19. Parents and guardians should plan for the college education of their children; how and why?